Hi Visibility Standards for Work Wear


Under no circumstances should Class Day (D) garments be worn for visibility purposes at night. Any markings, attachments, screen prints or other alterations, accessories or coverings not incorporated into the original product may not only void the garment’s compliance with the appropriate standard, they may also put the user at risk by reducing the high-visibility performance of the garment.

The high-visibility properties offered by Hard Yakka Hi-Visibility garments may be lessened due to normal wear over time or if the fabric is stretched. Hard Yakka Hi-Visibility garments using natural fibres have been tested and comply to Australian Standards AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 High-Visibility Safety Garments in dry conditions. Wet conditions may alter the compliance of these fabrics to the standard and appropriate care should be taken.

According to the Australian Standard, materials classified as high-visibility for daytime use must be manufactured from a durable fabric of woven or knitted cotton or equivalent manmade fibre that contains a fluorescent pigment or other highvisibility dye, or to which a fluorescent plastic coating has been applied. These materials are subjected to the following tests and must meet or exceed specified minimum requirements for:

  • Daylight colour and luminance factor
  • Colourfastness to light
  • Colourfastness to washing
  • Colourfastness to perspiration
  • Colour retention testing

In some cases, for safety reasons, a garment must be made from a natural fibre incapable of retaining a fluorescent colour. In these instances, the material is tested for luminance for nonfluorescent materials. Alternatively, man-made fibres are generally capable of retaining a fluorescent colour and are therefore tested for luminance for fluorescent materials.

The fabrics used in the manufacture of Hard Yakka Hi-Visibility workwear are tested and must meet or exceed specified minimum requirements for:

  • Chromaticity
  • Luminance for fluorescent materials
  • Luminance for non-fluorescent materials


fade shade label

The Hard Yakka Fade Shade Label helps you identify any change in garment colour. It is a discreet, silicone label that serves as an indicator to show the point at which hi-visibility shades become non-compliant. This label retains is colour through wash and wear, even when the fabric on the garment fades. Positioned on the front of the garment, this innovation makes it easy for Health and Safety officers and employees to assess when Hi-Visibility apparel may no longer be compliant. The Hard Yakka Fade Shade label is a fully patented Workwear Group innovation and is designed to show its compliance to High Visibility: AS/NZS 4602.1:2011, Non-fluorescent Class, Day.


Hard Yakka Hi-Visibility work wear meets relevant Australian and New Zealand Standards, AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 for high-visibility safety garments.