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Footwear Technology

Composite Safety Toe Cap

The composite safety toe cap outperforms steel safety toe caps in a number of ways. As well as being up to 50% lighter than steel, it is non-metallic, non-magnetic, non-conductive, anti-corrosive and offers better impact recovery than steel. Its lightweight construction also decreases foot fatigue. And because it isn’t metallic, it’s three times less conductive to the cold and retains heat 50% longer than steel – thus offering better insulation for the toes. This makes it ideal for those working in cold environments. The composite safety toe cap meets all requirements of the AS/NZS 2210.3 Standard for safety toe caps.

Steel Safety Toe Cap

In addition to the composite safety toe cap, Hard Yakka also offers a traditional steel toe cap. Unlike non-metallic safety toe caps which are not suitable for all work environments, the Hard Yakka traditional steel toe cap provides an extremely high degree of protection in all sorts of working conditions. Needless to say, the steel safety toe cap also meets all requirements of the AS/NZS 2210.3 standard for safety toe caps.


Hard Yakka’s range of footwear includes styles that undergo a special anti-static process during construction. This innovative manufacturing method means the footwear minimises electrostatic build-up and therefore reduces the risk of spark ignition of flammable material and vapours. All Hard Yakka styles with this anti-static feature have been manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS Standard 2210.3 Classification A for Anti-Static Footwear.

Hard Yakka Gel Innersole

Hard Yakka’s shock absorbent gel innersoles are perfect for workers who are out and about, on-site or in the warehouse. With a deep heel cup for improved stability, built-in arch support and a grip bottom to prevent the innersole from slipping, Hard Yakka gel innersoles cushion and protect the forefoot and heel like no other. Combine this with superior wicking, breathability and odour control and the result is a superior level of comfort and support that helps prevent foot pain and reduces back and body fatigue.

Dual Density PU/TPU Outsole

Hard Yakka safety footwear features advances in innersole, midsole and outsole technology that deliver significant benefits. The innersole delivers total comfort thanks to an integrated, full-length moulded and padded foot bed from heel to toe. The unique PU (Polyurethane) midsole offers outstanding shock absorption while also delivering all-day wearer comfort. And the innovative, hard wearing TPU (Thermo Plastic Urethane) outsole is not only resistant to oils, common chemicals and heat (up to 130°C), but provides superior protection from hydrolysis.


The perfect fabric choice for layering, Thermolite is a lightweight insulating fabric that provides excellent warmth and greater freedom of movement. Made with ADVANSA engineered hollow-core fibres that trap air for greater insulation, Thermolite also dries 20% faster than other insulating fabrics and 50% faster than cotton.